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My Creepy Avatar

If you loved The Twilight Saga, you will hate my books.

Dayna Ward

Or maybe you won’t, but that depends on the kind of story you enjoy. Dayna doesn’t write romance, paranormal or otherwise. So what drives her? She is an admitted lover of vampire fiction, but prefers serious stories with serious characters. The works of Anne Rice, the role-playing game Vampire the Masquerade, as well as television shows like Forever Knight, plus a plethora of additional books, games, and movies consumed over the years have influenced her own work. She is crafting the tales that she is excited to read; stories that only she can create. She invites you to join her on the journey.

Graphic Design

In addition to writing, Dayna works as a full-time graphic designer for a home furnishings and décor wholesale company, assisting in the creation of their annual main catalog, their summer intros catalog, marketing and website imagery.