Overdue Update

First, I must apologize. I intended to update this blog at least twice monthly, but I live in Texas, and well, everyone knows about that long freeze we had during the week of February 14th. On Thursday, the 11th, there was a pileup of over 130 vehicles in Fort Worth that cost 6 people their lives. In the week that followed, many people lost power in freezing temperatures and pipes froze and burst, causing damage. I’m fortunate that I live in an area that didn’t lose power, and therefore our pipes didn’t freeze, but I wasn’t completely unaffected by the aftermath.

To update you on the progress of Vampire The Begotten; the manuscript now stands at 82,500 words and I am actively working on editing when I have time after work. In addition to tweaking some concepts that have changed, I am going through and attempting to add “unique voice” consistently to each character. Particularly problematic is one vampire character who is from the Roaring Twenties. Getting down speech patterns from the era is challenging but enjoyable!

I’ve recently switched writing programs from Quoll Writer to SmartEdit Writer (both free) and so far I’m loving the options in SE W. It creates each section of your work in either rich text format or Word document format, whether it’s scenes or character sheets, and brings them together in one interface for you to work in. This is also a sample of the first page of the book, by the way, if you’d like to read the text. Click the image to enlarge. Please keep in mind that you’re looking at a sample of the first draft, so content may change.

I’ll try to post more samples when I can do so without giving away spoilers.

Screenshot of SmartEdit Writer

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