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Today’s post is dedicated to the animals that keep me company as I write, that sit on me when I try to move my arms, and frown at me because I’m supposed to be giving them all the attention instead of working on my book.

I’ve owned a few dogs in my life, but at heart, I’m a cat person, so I was happy when after about 10 years of not being owned by any animal, I was able to get a cat once we moved to a new place.

During part of my time writing Vampire The Begotten, my Snowshoe cat, Taiki, kept me company. I named him after a character from The Twelve Kingdoms, which is one of my favorite animes. He was one of a kind; very smart, very ornery, and always wanting things his way. He was obsessed with playing.

You’ve probably noticed by now that I’m speaking of Taiki in the past tense. He was with me until the middle of Chapter 10, at which point he developed a sudden health issue and had to be put to sleep. That was about a year ago. I miss the little guy a lot. Here’s the one video of him that I have, and he’s being the same goofball as always. I will probably forever associate that particular chapter in my story with my last moments with him. It’s bittersweet, to say the least.

Since then, two new kitties have joined my household; adopted from a situation in which their owner passed away. They’re the ones I’m specifically referring to in the first paragraph. They’re sweet, a bit more subdued than the spaz-master in the above video, and they absolutely love sitting on me so that I can’t get any work done. 🥰

Taffy (Siamese) and Tessa
Taffy (Siamese) and Tessa (Gray)

Do you have any furry buddies that keep you company when you’re working? What sorts of antics do they get up to? What’s your favorite memory or story about pets that have owned you? Let me know in the comments! 👇

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