Vampire The Begotten

Available October 31, 2021

© Dayna N. Ward | All Rights Reserved

When the death of a child heralds the birth of a monster, living nightmares destroy pleasant dreams. What if your dreams don’t come true… but your nightmares do?

Eiko “Erica” Calmet loves children — they are her entire world. Caring for them quiets her mind and soothes a hurt residing deep within her soul. But the darkness of her dreams soon takes a more sinister turn as mutilated bodies start turning up at local synagogues, repeating a grisly pattern of ritualized deaths occurring at the same time every few years.

When she confides her secret nightmares to a trusted friend, a harmless elderly man named Henry, she is unprepared for the consequences that will deepen her despair and change her life for all of eternity.