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Rarity of INTJ Personality + Preferring Creative Work
Pre-planning New Book Series
Learning New Skills
Redesigning DaynaWard.com
Interacting with Snowshoe Cat
Hating to Cook
Graphic Design

I have experience in standard graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. I'm interested in the Serif Affinity suite of products as a replacement for Adobe's SaaS business model.


Content writing is a new area that I'm hoping to break into. I am currently building my portfolio, I have a published novel and I am planning a new series.


In some ways I'm like Mister Spock, generally unemotional and highly sarcastic.

Works in Progress

Current (Personal) Projects: Yes, I do this for fun!
  • Graphics & Digital Art

    Graphic design and digital art are the cornerstones of what I do.

  • Content Writing

    Content and copy writing is a field that I am interested in pursuing.

  • Book Writing

    One novel was published long ago and now I'm planning to write more.

  • Digital Dioxide

    Digital Dioxide is a graphic design brand that I am currently working on.


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    If you'd like to skip straight to work samples, please see my ⚜DeviantArt⚜ gallery.

    My Work Buddy

    This is Taiki. He keeps me company sometimes... when he feels like it.

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    If you'd rather e-mail me directly, please send a message to the address below. I check e-mail regularly.

    • Dallas, Texas
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