Begotten Vampire Series Official Playlist

As those of you following me on Facebook probably know, I spent the Christmas holidays as well as all of January dealing with unexpectedly moving house. It wasn’t failure to pay rent — my landlord just decided to end my month-to-month lease suddenly after 7 years.

Anyway… moving on. Obviously because I’ve been busy with more pressing issues, all of my book writing and promotion activities had to cease until that was out of my hair. In the few moments I had free here and there, I started a new Spotify playlist.

While I tend to listen to a lot of foreign music, this entire list is devoted to The Begotten Vampire series and all lyrics are in English. The selection of music is still a work in progress, but there’s enough there to listen for more than half a workday. I hope you enjoy it, and keep an ear on some of the lyrics if you want some insight into future installments in the series. 🙂

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