Digital Corkboard

Continuing the theme on my creative process, today I’m going to share with you how I organize my notes. It’s a plugin for the Chrome browser, known simply as Note Board. I’ve heard that Scrivener, a favorite writing program for many authors, has this feature built in, but since they have yet to release version 3 for Windows, I’m making do with other software like SmartEdit Writer.

The cork board interface is handy to attach notes about all my random, scattered thoughts regarding my project and keep them close at hand. When I’m away from my computer, I often jot things down on scraps of paper and later transfer them to this extension. What’s also neat about it is the ability to create multiple cork boards and customize how they look and what they’re named. As you can see across the top, I have a glossary, descriptions, characters, scenarios, scenes/outline, and notes. This extension also works offline and you can export backups of your work.

Of course not everyone will follow the same method. I tend toward being a “pantser,” but I’m trying to do better with creating a rough skeleton at the very least because I know it will work better for the creation of a series.

Note Board Plugin
Blurred to avoid spoilers.

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