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Updated March 4, 2023

I’ve been super busy lately, so this week’s post will be a short but hopefully good one! 🥰

As I’ve mentioned before, I generally hang out in Facebook writing groups. Aspiring authors like to show off their cover artworks in progress, and I’ve been no exception to this, although I have some advantages when it comes to sourcing stock images just because I use them frequently in my personal and professional work as a graphic designer. Yes, I’m cheap, so I tend to prefer the free resources.

The purpose of this post is to share my list. This is a reposting of something on my Facebook page but I thought it might be relevant here as well. I hope you find it helpful!

Free and Cheaper Alternatives to Adobe

Stock Resources (mix of free and premium)

And finally, if you check my Credits page you can find some more links to resources that I used in creating this site and my own book cover.

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