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Today I have a question for you in regards to artwork. I’ve mentioned probably too many times that I’m a graphic artist. It’s my day job. As such, I could probably crank out a few pieces of artwork related to my book project, The Begotten Vampire series.

But is that even interesting to potential readers? I know that the first book is not out yet — I’m still working with beta readers at the moment, but making progress — but generally speaking, do you as a reader appreciate that sort of thing? Do you enjoy wallpapers depicting characters or scenes from your favorite books? How about character portraits? Or let’s take it a step further to the real question; is this something you’d enjoy enough to purchase? I’m talking about merchandise like bookmarks, clothing, phone cases, et cetera.

One thing I worry about is that artwork depicting any of the characters’ faces will ruin readers’ sense of immersion. Many people, myself included, prefer to imagine the characters their own way. It’s one of the main reasons the cover of my first book does not show the protagonist’s face.

This whole topic is really just to open up a discussion about this. I’m interested in your feedback. I’ve created a poll or if you prefer you can leave a comment. This is all still very much a work in progress.

Image from Pixabay
Do you think that showing a character's likeness through promotional artwork is a good or bad?
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