Seeking Horror Reviewers

I haven’t posted for a couple of months, but as you can see from my updated book page and activity on social media, I have been busy preparing to launch Vampire The Begotten this coming Halloween!

I’ve set up the Amazon pre-order page, ordered my paperback proofs to check for quality, and even set up a Redbubble store to offer some “merch” in anticipation of my release. I’m also planning to offer signed copies with some additional goodies that are yet to be determined.

I have the 4 paperback proof copies that I’m willing to send to book bloggers for a review on your website. I have been sending messages for two weeks hoping someone would be interested in reviewing before my release date, but so far there has been little response. At this point, I need help. If you run a review blog for horror and/or vampire-related fiction, particularly if you have more followers than I do, please contact me if you’d like to read and review a copy of my book. You must be in the US to receive a physical copy. I won’t be sending electronic copies because I’m enrolled in Kindle Unlimited, but I’ll see if there’s some code or something that allows me to share after the book has launched.

If you’re a professional book marketer looking to sell something, please don’t contact me. Thank you.

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